Improving how Meta treats people and communities around the world

Providing an independent check on Meta’s content moderation

The Oversight Board’s mission is to improve how Meta treats people and communities around the world. We apply Facebook, Instagram and Threads’ content standards in a way that protects freedom of expression and other global human rights standards. We do this by providing an independent check on Meta’s content moderation, making binding decisions on the most challenging content issues. We deliver policy recommendations that push Meta to improve its rules, act more transparently and treat all users fairly.

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How We Do It

Our Work

When people have exhausted Meta’s appeals process on Facebook, Instagram or Threads, they can challenge the company’s decision on content by appealing to the Oversight Board. Meta can also refer cases to us. Once the Board has selected a case, Board Members examine whether Meta’s decision was in line with its policies, values and human rights commitments. We can also decide to apply warning screens when leaving up or restoring qualifying content. Case decisions are binding, unless implementing them could violate the law. We also make recommendations on the rules that apply to billions of Facebook, Instagram and Threads users, and how they are enforced. Additionally, we publish policy advisory opinions providing guidance to Meta on specific issues.

Our Work
Listening to Others

Finding solutions to the questions raised by content moderation means listening to others.

That’s why we invite individuals and organizations to send us public comments. These give people a voice in our decisions and help shape our recommendations.

The Challenge

Looking to the Future

From the beginning, we have tested an independent and transparent approach that could be adapted to other platforms. As new regulation is introduced that is relevant to social media, we can be part of the solution. We are keen to share what we have learned with other companies and partners across the industry.

Given the uncharted path we are walking, the Oversight Board will continue to adapt, finding new ways to fulfill our mission. At its best, social media can bring about global connection and conversation. Keeping these benefits while limiting potential harms is a daunting task. We appreciate the scale of the challenge ahead but, together, we can help to overcome the pitfalls and help people connect with confidence.

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