Oversight Board to Meet with Frances Haugen

In the last few weeks, new information about Facebook’s approach to content moderation has come to light as a result of the actions of a former Facebook employee, Frances Haugen.

In light of the serious claims made about Facebook by Ms. Haugen, we have extended an invitation for her to speak to the Board over the coming weeks, which she has accepted. Board members appreciate the chance to discuss Ms. Haugen’s experiences and gather information that can help push for greater transparency and accountability from Facebook through our case decisions and recommendations.

Scrutinizing Cross-Check

The choices made by companies like Facebook have real-world consequences for the freedom of expression and human rights of billions of people across the world. In this context, transparency around rules is essential.

As the Board shared in September, we are currently looking into whether Facebook has been fully forthcoming in its responses on its ‘cross-check’ system and will share our analysis in our first release of quarterly transparency reports later this month. Facebook has also said it will ask the Board to review how cross-check can be improved and to offer recommendations.

As a Board, we will continue to ask Facebook difficult questions and push the company to commit to greater transparency, accountability and fairness. Ultimately, only this can give users the confidence that they are being treated fairly.

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