Data Policy for the Oversight Board’s data processing activities

I. What kind of information does Meta collect or use for handling appeals?

Meta uses the information listed below in order to enable the Board to consider, adjudicate on and/or fulfill appeals it receives, and to undertake an assessment and review of a decision about Facebook or Instagram content. This enables Meta to promote safety, integrity, and security on the Meta Products by combating harmful conduct and protecting and supporting Meta’s community, including by investigating violations of Meta’s terms or policies, which is necessary for Meta to provide and support the Meta Products. This also helps Meta support its community by ensuring objective review and validation of the application of Facebook’s Community Standards, Instagram’s Community Guidelines and other policies in cases of importance to Meta’s users and community.

When you provide information on this website as part of an appeal of a decision about your Facebook or Instagram content, Meta collects the following information:

Where your written responses to the questions you are asked as part of the appeal include information (other than Data with Special Protections) about other individuals who are non-users of the applicable Meta product or who are under the age of majority (under 18, in most countries) or who otherwise have a limited ability to enter into an enforceable contract, Meta will process this information in line with the best interests of that individual while balancing our need to perform such processing in order to:

When an appeal of a decision about your Facebook or Instagram content is submitted to the Board, Meta shares the following information from your Facebook or Instagram account (whichever is used for posting the content that is subject to the appeal) with the Board, in order to enable the Board to review the appeal and the decision about your content:

Additional information may be requested by the Board to help inform their decision (such as information on engagement and reach of the content in question). Meta only shares the requested information with the Board where Meta determines that such information is relevant and necessary for helping the Board to reach a decision, in light of the context of each specific case.

II. How is this information shared publicly?

III. What kind of information does Meta collect regarding this website?

Depending on your actions on this website, Meta may also collect certain information which is necessary for Meta to provide, operate, maintain and improve this website. This information includes website security, improving the navigation and content of the website, to identify any server problems or network/IT issues, or to carry out analytics about site usage to better understand the preferences of our website visitors:

IV. How to contact Meta with questions?

If you have questions about this policy, you can contact Meta online or by mail at:

Meta Platforms, Inc.ATTN: Privacy Operations1601 Willow RoadMenlo Park, CA 94025