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2 juillet 2024

Meta Accepts Key Oversight Board Recommendations to End Blanket Ban on “Shaheed” 

The Oversight Board welcomes Meta’s decision today to implement the Board’s recommendations and introduce significant changes to an unfair policy that led to the censoring of millions of people across its platforms.  

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5 avril 2024

Meta Makes Significant Changes to Manipulated Media Policy

The Oversight Board welcomes Meta’s announcement that it will fully implement all three of the content moderation changes we recommended in our recent decision related to an altered video of President Biden.  

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26 mars 2024

Meta Must Loosen Restriction on Online Speech in Arabic-speaking and Muslim Communities, Warns the Oversight Board  

Meta’s current restrictive approach to moderation, based on concerns about how the word “shaheed” could be used to praise or approve of terrorism, has led to widespread and unnecessary censorship affecting the freedom of expression of millions of users, the Oversight Board said on Tuesday. 

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23 février 2024

Oversight Board Recommends Meta Label Manipulated Content in Case Concerning Edited President Biden Video

Review of “cheap fake” video of U.S. President Biden reveals major inconsistencies in the way Meta treats altered content.

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22 février 2024

Threads Users Can Now Appeal Meta’s Content Decisions To The Oversight Board  

The Board marks first time its remit has expanded to a new social media app since launching in 2020 with Facebook and Instagram .

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